SHER Ingénieurs-Conseils, specialist in drinking water supply and sanitation, is involved inall stages of life of your infrastructures, from the identification of needs, the design and the works supervision, to the operational support.

Conduite eau potable

Promoting customised and sustainable solutions for drinking water supply and sanitation 

Our teams, active in several countries, rely on an extensive experience in the field and in-depth expertise to offer you high-quality services. We design customized/tailored solutions, taking into account the local conditions, whether in urban or rural areas. 

We propose infrastructures integrating both simple technologies and advanced processes. Our aim is to keep operating costs under control while guaranteeing the sustainability of installations, which is particularly critical to face climate change challenges.

Integrated expertise : characterisation and innovative management of water resources

Beyond our expertise in design and works supervision, we are specialised in the quantitative and qualitative characterisation of the water resources including rivers, springs and borehole water. Preserving these resources is an essentialpillar of our approach.

We use high-performance software for dimensioning and modelling, and have developed tools integrating field survey, GIS, remote sensing and web applications for accurate diagnoses and optimal monitoring of works and infrastructures.

Pompe AEP

Our integrated engineering services for your drinking water and sanitation projects

Strategic tools and project formulation

  •  Project identification and formulation 
  • Design of master plans, territorial analyses and regional plans.
  • Characterization and assessment of the water resources 
  • Demand analysis, demographic and mapping studies 
  • Tariff and institutional studies, socio-economic surveys and ability to pay  

Support and advice 

  • Project implementation 
  • Technical assistance to project owners and delegated project owners 
  • Training in modelling tools, management and operation of infrastructures 
  • Support for management structures, operations and maintenance 
  • Follow-up, evaluation, monitoring and support for the development of digital tools

Diagnostics, feasibility studies, detailed studies

  • Diagnostics and audit of hydraulic structures 
  • Feasibility studies, detailed design and execution files
  • Design of resource mobilisation facilities: boreholes, catchments, river intake
  • Water treatment: water purification and wastewater treatment 
  • Dimensioning of supply, distribution and sanitation networks
  • Rehabilitation and extension of networks
  • Hydraulic modelling, calculation notes, plans and metric
  • Drafting of specifications and tender documents
  • Environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA) for infrastructures

Works supervision

  • Review of execution files 
  • On-site monitoring
  • Project management assignments 
  • Development of real-time monitoring tools and applications