For 25 years, SHER has been helping its partners to implement irrigation, hydro-agricultural developments and agro-pastoral dam projects. Our team designs and implements infrastructure dedicated to the mobilisation, storage and distribution of water resources to meet the various needs of farmers and livestock breeders.

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Meeting the challenges of sustainable agriculture

The agricultural sector is facing major challenges, in particular ensuring food security while respecting the environment and integrating the constraints of climate change. 

Our technical, agronomic, socio-economic and environmental expertise enables us to support our partners in meeting these challenges by offering : 

  • A variety of technical solutions: gravity canals, sprinkler systems, drip irrigation, solar pumping, reuse of waste water, adapted to the specific needs and know-how of the beneficiaries 
  • The integration of new technologies: drones for field survey, 3D design of structures and hydraulic modelling for an innovative approach 
  • The adaptation of the interventions to the socio-economic context: private irrigation, market gardens, flood recession crops, promoting a participative, community-based approach 
  • The technical, organisational and institutional support: guaranteeing sustainable infrastructure through efficient management (operational and maintenance) and agro-ecological practices 
  • A proactive approach to climate change : incorporating practices respecting the environment and adapted to climate change

Our integrated services for a sustainable agriculture: planning, studies, works and support

Strategic tools and project formulation

  • Inventory and assessment of irrigable potential Irrigation Master Plans with short-, mid and long-term planning 
  • Development of investment plans 
  • Development of decision support tools 
  • Structuring of agricultural sectors 
  • Project identification and formulation 
  • Definition of activities, planning and budget
  • Drafting of terms of reference for detailed studies
  • Environmental and social management framework 

Support and advice 

  • Project implementation 
  • Technical assistance to project owners and delegated project authority 
  • Diagnostics and capacity building for support structures • Support for the development and maintenance of irrigated areas 
  • Land redistribution 
  • Support to management structures, Operation & Maintenance, Water Users Associations 
  • Follow-up, evaluation, monitoring and support for the development of digital tools

Diagnostics, feasibility studies, detailed studies

  • Technical and organisational diagnostics
  • Assessment of water resources, crop water requirements and hydro-agricultural developments 
  • Agro-pedological and agro-climatological studies
  • Land, socio-economic and environmental studies 
  • Geotechnical and topographical studies 
  • Technical feasibility studies and analysis of development options 
  • Evaluation of development costs, economic analysis and profitability 
  • Environmental and social impact assessment 
  • Detailed studies and dimensioning
  • Specifications and tender documents 

Works supervision

  • Review of execution files
  • On-site monitoring 
  • Project management assignments
  • Development of real-time monitoring tools and applications 
  • Supervision of labour-intensive works