Our history in a few dates

  • 1985 - Creation of the “Société pour l'Hydraulique et l'Equipement Rural” : Company incorporated under Belgian law, SHER is active in Burundi, Rwanda and the DRC in the fields of drinking water and agricultural water
  • The 1990s - Geographical expansion through the opening of project offices close to the clients, first in West Africa, then in Asia and Central and South America
  • The 2000s - Diversification of activities into Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) and renewable energies
  • 2005 - SHER becomes "Société pour l'Hydraulique et l'Environnement et la Réhabilitation"
  • 2008 - Creation of the subsidiary JVL Consulting: SHER takes over the technical assistance activities in animal health and food chain safety from the company Jules Van Lancker 
  • 2010 - SHER's presence in Rwanda becomes SHER Consult Ltd, a subsidiary of SHER incorporated under Rwandan law
  • 2015 - SHER joins the international group ARTELIA
  • 2022 - JVL Consulting becomes a department of SHER


Independent and multidisciplinary engineering

Since 2015, SHER has been part of the Artelia Group, an independent group operating in a wide range of services worldwide. These services encompass project management, engineering, consultancy, audit and turnkey services, in a diversified field of activities: building construction, water, energy, environment, industry, maritime, transport, urban development and multisite programs.

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SHER, a partner at your side 

SHER has several offices in Europe and Africa, in order to be close to to its clients and partners. 

  • SHER Ingénieurs-Conseils, head office in Namur (Belgium) 
  • SHER Consult, subsidiary in Kigali (Rwanda)
  • Project offices in Bujumbura (Burundi) and Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) 

Our teams are also supported by the Artelia Group's subsidiaries and permanent offices in 10 countries in Africa and elsewhere in the world.


Our expertise at the service of your sustainable projects 

SHER's permanent team currently comprises more than 50 employees, all highly qualified and with varying profiles : 

  • Experts in drinking water, sanitation, water treatment, electromechanical engineering 
  • Experts in hydropower, hydro-agricultural development, hydrologists and hydraulic engineers 
  • Experts in integrated water resource management, climate change, water and soil conservation, nature-based solutions 
  • Land planners, soil scientists, environmental experts
  • Surveyors, topographers, designers, quantity surveyors, works supervisors 
  • Experts in Geographic Information Systems, remote sensing and databases 
  • Civil engineering and construction experts, geotechnicians 
  • Project managers, financial managers, socio-economists, sales engineers, quality managers
  • Interpreters, translators, communication experts, event organisers, logisticians

The Artelia Group's teams share five fundamental values: Excellence, Simplicity, Sharing, Independence and Passion, which guide and unite their work on a daily basis. 

SHER has established an extensive network of consultants, both national and international, specialists in a variety of fields. These solid relationships are based on trust, enriched by the cutting-edge expertise of these professionals.


Our commitments to Corporate Social Responsibility

For over 20 years, SHER has been committed to the continuous improvement of its services, with ISO 9001 certification since 2000. 

See the ISO certificate - pdf 

SHER subscribes to Artelia's CSR policy, which focuses on environmental protection, human development, citizenship and independence : 

  • Protect the environment
  •  Develop our human capital
  • Contribute to development and social progress 
  • Ensure responsible governance 

Discover our CSR policy - pdf 

Through its Code of Ethics, Artelia demonstrates its strong commitment to exemplary integrity in its internal and external relations and in the conduct of its business, in accordance with its values and respecting the fundamental principles towards its stakeholders. 

Discover the code of ethics - pdf 

To report any violation of the law or the Artelia Group Code of Ethics, you can bring your concern to our attention via :