SHER has been resolutely committed to the preservation of biodiversity and the sustainable management of natural resources. Our expertise is based on an integrated, participatory approach. It combines knowledge of ecosystems with innovative solutions. We strive to develop tailor-made tools for reasoned ecosystem management.

Developing tools for informed natural resource management

Maintaining a balanced ecosystem requires a holistic approach. This approach must integrate the multiple facets impacting biodiversity. SHER combines technical expertise and ecosystem knowledge to create accurate information databases characterizing the natural resources. We develop digital tools for efficient management and decision support, from biodiversity information systems to master plans for protected areas.

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Biodiversity-friendly infrastructure design

SHER integrates infrastructure and bioengineering expertise to design solutions adapted to protected areas and their surroundings. Our approach aims to guarantee access to clean energy, encourage wildlife hydraulics(??) and promote responsible ecotourism, while preserving biodiversity and natural resources.

Priority to sustainable socio-economic solutions

 We give priority to solutions that have a positive impact on the local populations. Our aim is to ensure the sustainability of investments and to maximize the socio-economic benefits. SHER has a network of experts working across diverse landscapes and supporting the conservation, protection and even restoration of ecosystems.

Our services in natural resources and biodiversity management

Strategic tools and project formulation

  • Water infrastructure Master Plan 
  • Infrastructure Master Plan for protected areas 
  • Biodiversity information system 
  • Forest information system 
  • Project formulation

Diagnostics and feasibility studies

  • Participatory diagnosis 
  • Land use and landscape restoration monitoring 
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Development proposal to reduce ecosystem vulnerability
  • Assessment of clean energy potential
  • Integrated management of critical ecosystems 
  • Feasibility and detailed studies of infrastructures in and around protected and conservation areas
  • Drafting of specifications and tender documents 
  • Environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA)

Support and advice

  • Tools for bio-monitoring, protection of fragile environments and bio-engineering
  • Decision support tools for effective landscape protection
  • Governance and financing of biodiversity conservation
  • Technical support for clean energy solutions 
  • Support for participatory processes

Works supervision

  • Supervision of labour-intensive works 
  • Implementation and monitoring of environmental and social management plans
  • Review of execution files
  • On-site monitoring
  • Project management missions
  •  Development of real-time monitoring tools and applications