SHER's JVL Consulting department provides technical assistance in animal health and food safety and plays a key role in the European Commission's BTSF programme.

Better Training For Safer Food Programme (BTSF)

Working closely with the European Commission, SHER / JVL-C department plays a central role in the BTSF program. We offer specialised training in various areas of animal health and food safety. This program is part of the training initiative of the Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety (DG SANTE).

Topics of the BTSF training courses

The BTSF training courses cover a wide range of topics / themes crucial to animal health and food safety: 

  • Animal health and welfare: Focusing on standards and practices for animal health and welfare
  • Borders, movements, official controls: Understanding the regulatory procedures and border controls for food and live animals
  • Food and feed: Analysing the quality, traceability and human and animal food safety criteria
  • One Health: Gaining a deeper understanding of the interconnection between human, animal and environmental health 
  • Plants: Understanding the regulations concerning the plant production, quality and standards 
  • Contingency planning and risk planning : Be prepared to respond effectively to emergency situations and manage the potential health risks
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Organisation of BTSF training courses 

These courses are intended for veterinary staff from the competent authorities of European Union member states. Outside the EU, they are also aimed at food producers, farmers and government officials.

SHER's JVL-C department organizes up to 25 BTSF training courses a year, bringing together 40 to 50 participants from various countries.

Our teams design the programs, mobilize experienced trainers and ensure quality training standards. These sessions take place mainly in the European Union, but also internationally. 

We manage all logistical aspects, from the planning of the sessions to the coordination of face-to-face training materials and e-learning applications, as well as the management of invitations, transport, accommodation, visits and catering.

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Improving animal health and enhancing food safety

SHER, through its JVL-Consulting department, offers a wide range of expertise in the fields of animal health and food safety. We provide specialized technical support to our customers on many fronts:

Animal health 

  • Improving veterinary services
  • Adaptation of national veterinary legislation 
  • Setting up epizootic control and epidemiological surveillance systems 
  • Involving producer associations in epizootic disease surveillance
  • Training in prophylactic practices for livestock 
  • Research program on trypanosomiasis and other livestock diseases

Food chain safety

  • Technical assistance for quality control of agri-food businesses
  • Enhancing the effectiveness of national and EU legislation
  • Regulation on veterinary and phytosanitary inspections and quarantine
  • Monitoring of agricultural product quality and standards
  • Training in traceability techniques, quality standards and certifications
  • Establishment of epizootic early warning systems

Our projects for animal health and food safety around the world