Context of the project 

In a resilient approach to its territory and considering the risks linked to climate change, the municipality of Couvin wishes to tackle flooding on its territory and improve the environmental quality of its watercourses with sustainable solutions. In this context, the municipality has decided to create and submit two applications in response to the call for proposals 99 "Resilience Biodiversity-Climate" launched in 2022 by the Walloon Public Service as part of the Walloon Recovery Plan, to enable the funding and implementation of work that could significantly improve the current situation. 
To this end, the municipality of Couvin has launched a hydrological and hydraulic study of “Eau Noire” (220 km²) and “Ry de Nobuisson” (5 km²) river basins. The aim of this study is to analyse how these watersheds work, to obtain a diagnosis of the existing ecosystems and to consider the solutions best suited to the contexts encountered (study carried out in association with the Stream & River consultancy, expert in environmental studies of aquatic ecosystems).

As part of this assignment, SHER Ingénieurs-Conseils undertook the following activities: 

Diagnostic analysis

  • Data collection 
  • Field visits
  • Inventory of flood history 
  • Map analysis
  • Checking of eligibility criteria

Hydrological study and identification of potential intervention areas: 

  • Delimitation of sub-catchments
  • Rainfall analysis 
  • Rainfall-runoff modelling (HEC-HMS software)
  • Regional analysis of flood flows 
  • Construction of flood hydrographs

Hydraulic study and development proposals: 

  • Topographic survey
  • Geometry of structures 
  • Estimation of admissible flows in the drainage network
  • Height-surface-volume curves 
  • Pre-sizing of developments 
  • Quantity survey 

Technical and economic analysis:

  •  Approximate cost estimates 
  • Evaluation of benefits (local and downstream) 

Biodiversity study (Stream & River) : 

  • Ecological and hydromorphological diagnosis 
  • Definition of a management plan 
  • Sizing of development plans to improve the hydromorphological quality of watercourses in the objective to promote biodiversity

Preparation of technical dossiers in response to a call for proposals