Context of the project

The Flood Unit of La Bruyère has contacted SHER-Ingénieurs Conseils for assistance with the design of storm water basins to tackle  flooding. The municipality is confronted with numerous flooding events caused by mudflows and river overflows. The town has called on the SPW's GISER unit, which has submitted a report containing an anti-flooding action plan, including several storm water basins. Following the recent extreme events in Belgium in mid-July 2021, the municipality would like to take action on priority sites.

The project management assistance covers technical studies and the sizing and design of infrastructures , as well as site supervision at  five sites.

As part of this assignment, SHER Ingénieurs-Conseils undertook the following activities: 

Technical studies leading to development proposals for each site: 

  • Data collection and site visits 
  • Topographical study: topographical survey of the parcels concerned by the development and data processing 
  • Hydrological study: analysis of watersheds and flows, construction of flood hydrographs (runoff volumes and peak flows) for extreme rainfall events based on rainfall-runoff modelling. 
  • Hydraulic study: estimation of admissible flows in the drainage network downstream ofthe infrastructures, determination of the development structure geometry, estimation of retention volumes (height-surface-volume curves). 
  • Proposal and choice of development plans 
  • Sizing and production of the documents needed to carry out the work: detailed description of the developments, plans and cost estimates. 
  • Work supervision: technical specifications and assistance to the project owner for supervision during the works.