SHER undertakes a new project for the Kribi Autonomous Port (Cameroon)

The activities of the Autonomous Port of Kribi (PAK) , only deep-sea port of Cameroon, located in the South–West of the country, have started in 2018. The PAK commits to realise the construction of the Drinking Water Supply facilities of the Port and its dependencies, through a financing agreement signed between the State of Cameroon and the Belgian State (via Belfius Bank).

SHER was entrusted with the task of project management of the works executed by the Belgian company ASPAC during 36 months, starting from October 2019.

The characteristics of the works are as follows: earthworks, river catchment and treatment plant (5.500m³ / d), pumping station and supply line (DN 600) over 12 km, main tank (3.000 m³), distribution network, SCADA and remote management, energy management and roads and utilities.  

As for all its missions, SHER will make every effort to ensure quality services.