SHER is searching for a Master / Engineer specialized in Energy

In the context of our Framework Agreement for Energy with the European Investment Bank, SHER receives some punctual requests to provide punctual services. That’s why we are seeking some experts especially dedicated to those sectors: 

  1. Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution Networks: thermal power and CHP plants (coal, gas, oil, conventional thermal, OCGT, CCGT, reciprocating engine); carbon capture and storage (CCS), electricity transmission (HVAC, HVDC, terrestrial, offshore); electricity distribution networks (active distribution and smart meters included); energy storage.
  2. Oil and Gas: oil & gas exploration/production; oil & gas transmission & distribution networks including storage; LNG; oil refining.

  3. Renewable Energy: hydropower (dam, run-of-the-river, regulating, pumped storage); wind energy, onshore, offshore, ocean (tidal, wave, current); photovoltaic and concentrated solar thermal power; solar thermal; geothermal heat and power; biomass heat-only, power and cogeneration, biogas and waste incineration.

  4. Energy Efficiency: energy efficiency in buildings (residential and non-residential sectors); energy efficiency in street lighting; energy efficiency in municipal infrastructure; energy efficiency in transport; energy efficiency in industry; district heating/cooling networks, small-scale cogeneration, including micro-generation.


A specific expertise is required in :

  • Project Preparation Support  and Project Implementation Support in the new EU members countries.

  • Knowledge of EU regulations, EU funded programs and EU funding applications.

  • Capacity building, knowledge creation and dissemination; Provision of advice on regulatory matters; PPP project and transaction advisory support.


Minimum years of experience required: 15 years.

If you meet the requirements, please send us your cv in EU-format  to