Successful delivery of the “Hydropower Atlas of Madagascar”

The assessment and mapping of the hydropower potential of Madagascar is now completed. The Study (2014-2017) delivered a spatial database of more than 400 hydropower sites amongst which approximately 350 sites have a power capacity in the range of 1-20 MW for a total of 1350 MW.

Our Experts have undertaken site visits and field investigations on more than 40 potential hydropower sites across the country. The team has also carried out the hydrological monitoring of six priority rivers for the development of small hydropower.

A complex geospatial planning process identified a portfolio of high-priority projects to be developed at the short-term. This process was carried out in close collaboration with the Ministry of the Energy, its related agencies and the World Bank Experts.

Throughout the duration of the study, stakeholder’s workshops and trainings were organized to ensure the long-term ownership and sustainability of the outcomes of the study, including the priorisation process, the GIS on the hydropower potential of the country and the hydrological monitoring network that has been set up.

The Hydropower Atlas of Madagascar, including its GIS, represents a major tool for the Malagasy institutions in charge of the planning and development of the energy sector. This unique tool provides clear overview of the energy sector in terms of existing and potential projects and gives a better understanding of the energy balance between demand and supply, which are essential.