New hydropower project in Madagascar for SHER, in association with Artelia

Rural electrification through renewable energies in Madagascar-Sava area, Hydropower scheme and distribution network


A long-term investment

This technical assistance  is part of a large rural electrification program lead by ADER (Agency for the development of the rural electrification). In this case, SHER will assist the implementation of 3 regionals electricity concessions in the area of SAVA during 4 years  under a public- private partnership.

This concerns specifically 5 hydropower projects with a capacity of 1 MW to 4 MW, which total an installed power capacity of 13 MW along with the transport and distribution associated networks.

Hydroelectric projects

  • Ambalamaheva 4 MW
  • Belaoko Lokoho 3,8 MW
  • Antsahabe 2,5 MW
  • Ampamokiana 2 MW
  • Ankitsika 1 MW


The details of the assignement

  • Technical assistance to the Project Management Unit (Unité de Gestion du Projet,UGP)
  • Audit of the performed studies :Technical and Economic Evaluation; Detailed design of the five hydropower projects; Preparation of the Technical Standards and Norms reports; Preparation of the socio-environmental standards applicable to hydropower projects in Madagascar
  • Detailed design of distribution and transmission networks
  • Call for Proposals: Support for the drafting the contracts (FIDIC); Support to business plans
  • Assistance in the procurement process
  • Assistance for negotiations and Preparation of Final Contracts (FIDIC)
  • Follow-up and monitoring of the construction phase : Approval of construction drawings, calculation notes, materials and programs; Controls, testing and acceptance during manufacturing process; Coordination, supervision, administrative and financial management of works
  • Provisional and final acceptances


Project Amount: 1,9 M€