SHER is undertaking the mapping of flood hazards in the Aghstev river watershed in Armenia.

The Aghstev river watershed is a transboundary basin located between Armenia and Azerbaijan, with a total area of ​​2,415 km2.

SHER is carrying out a feasibility study on the Armenian part of the watershed (1,704 km2), which will allow to develop a methodology for mapping flood hazards.

This methodology, suited to the Armenian context and compliant with the European Union Flood Directive (under the EU-Armenia Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement, CEPA), will be used locally to produce a risk map for flood and will be replicable for other watersheds.

In collaboration with their Armenian counterparts, SHER experts will carry out data acquisition on field (collection of hydrological, meteorological, topographic data, etc.), process this data (modeling of the hydrographic network, characterization of the regime hydrological…), plain modeling, mapping and flood hazard map use.

In the end, this device will be an essential decision-making aid tool for the future, since it will be an integral part of the Flood Risk Management Plans recommended by the European Union Flood Directive.