SHER designs and develops two WebGIS applications for Burundi and Mauritania

WebGIS application on the water quality of Lake Tanganyika

 Within the framework of the transboundary project "Lake Tanganyika Water Management" (Latawama), SHER currently develops a WebGIS application on the water quality of Lake Tanganyika. The centralized database as well as the WebGIS application will be set up and managed at the level of the Lake Tanganyika Authority, an interregional structure in charge of the protection and proper management of the water resources of the Lake and its basin.

The parameters related to water quality are measured and sent directly by the laboratories of the countries bordering the Lake and belonging to its watershed (DRC, Burundi, Zambia, Tanzania, Rwanda).

The interactive maps will allow partners, research institutions and the general public to monitor the water quality of Lake Tanganyika.


Database and interactive maps on rural infrastructure in Mauritania

Within the framework of the “Strengthening Productive and Energy Investments in Mauritania for the Sustainable Development of Rural Areas” Program, SHER is also in charge of the design and development of a Database system coupled with a web mapping application on rural infrastructure in Mauritania.

The rural infrastructures (dams and reservoirs, hydro-agricultural developments, access infrastructure, anti-erosion and pastoral developments), inventoried by the relevant departments of the Ministry of Rural Development, will be putonline.

This tool, updatable and useable with mobile application, will provide the competent authorities with a reliable database for planning and monitoring rural infrastructure. The mission is complemented by a capacity building component for the Directorate of Rural Development to ensure the sustainability of the tool.