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SHER celebrated its 30th birthday on 18 May 2015

SHER was joined by a company of 75 guests to celebrate its 30th birthday at a reception organised at its Vedrin headquarters.

An international presence

SHER is an independent Belgian group, founded in 1985, with 45 employees and a turnover of €6m.

SHER has been part of ARTELIA group (first independent French engineering group) since January 2015.

SHER exports most of its services (over 95% of turnover) in the following fields: integrated water-resource management, potable water, sanitation, drainage, irrigation, hydro-power, environmental, agriculture, livestock farming and regional development.

SHER group is active in central and southern Africa, west Africa, south-east Asia and Europe. SHER group has three firms: SHER s.a. (Belgium) and its two subsidiaries: JVL Consulting (Belgium) and SHER Consult Ltd (Rwanda).

A story of men

For its first ten years, SHER concentrated on developing its operations in central Africa, also in Guinea (Conakry), under the guidance of Duiliu Zamfirescu, its emblematic founder. The end of the first decade was marked by tragic events: the Rwandan genocide and intensification of the civil war in Burundi, two countries in which SHER was very active. SHER successfully overcame this crisis.

In its second decade, there was a change of management in 1996 when its first management team retired. The aim of the new team was to focus on reinvigorating and diversifying its activities and areas of operation: Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe.

Over the past 10 years, SHER has continued to develop its expertise in e.g. IWRM, irrigation, hydro-power and in mapping the potential of hydropower, which are now the core areas of its activity.

Half its team is located in Belgium and the other half in the rest of the world (mainly in Burkina Faso, Burundi, Rwanda and Laos). From now on, SHER will be pursuing its venture with ARTELIA, serving human interests.

Shared values and a common project

Common values and projects are major factors that unite ARTELIA and SHER.

The values they share are: human contacts, the quest for sustainability, innovation and independence.

The merger of SHER and ARTELIA forms a joint development project in Africa and Asia, as well as international development of expertise in water-resource management.

The union of SHER and ARTELIA is already yielding results: more than 30 commercial items are at various stages of progress. A synergy has been created!

Paul Gatin (Managing Director) and Marc Giroussens (Chairman and CEO)