Irrigation and hydro-agricultural development

SHER, your partner in Irrigation and hydro-agricultural development

    SHER became, during the last years, a key partner for the irrigation in West and Central Africa. Our proven experience constantly increases and allows us to cover all stages of your project, from technical assistance to long term support:


    • Soil surveys, inventory irrigation potential assessment
    • Master planning for shot-mid and long-term irrigation development
    • Investment plan
    • Feasibility studies
    • Detailed studies and Tender documents
    • Control and supervision of works
    • Operation and maintenance of irrigation schemes
    • Training and support for the management organizations


    The high quality of our services is certified ISO 9001 and guaranteed by our team of qualified experts, who are extremely mobile and can be mobilized quickly. Our team relies on 40 persons including 30 engineers and academic graduates with various backgrounds: Rural, hydraulics & civil engineers, , hydrologists, pedologist, surveyors, GIS specialists, able to carry out all types of technical studies in irrigation:

    • Pedologic studies and irrigation suitability assessment
    • Water Resources Evaluation
    • Crop water requirements
    • Water balance of the hydro-agricultural scheme
    • Socio-economic, environmental and land use studies
    • Geotechnical and topographic surveys
    • Appropriate technical choices for irrigation
    • Design of irrigation schemes
    • Irrigation and drainage network design and development
    • Decision-support tools setting up