Rural development, social development and food security

SHER, your partner in rural development, social development and food security

  • Integrated rural development, livestock and fish farming
  • Agricultural production, agro-industry, food traceability
  • Rural organisation of monde rural, craft and micro-credit
  • Land management, Housing and buildings
  • Tracks and roads, engineered structures
  • Reforestation and desertification control
  • Urban master plan

Types of interventions

  • Project identification and formulation, logical framework.
  • Master plans, regional plans and feasibility studies.
  • Detailed studies, tendering support and works supervision.
  • Training in management and exploitation of infrastructures.
  • Technical assistance, support to the management and coordination.
  • Evaluation, impact assessment and Relocation action Plans.
  • Monitoring, support to the computerization, SIG.
  • Tariff and institutional studies, sector organization.
  • Maintenance and rehabilitation of infrastructure.
  • Support for privatization and Private-Public Partnerships (PPP).